Best Kenny Pickett Rookie Card Guide 2023 – Sports Card Data

Best Kenny Pickett Rookie Card

Kenny Pickett is in a strange, yet rather opportunistic position for collectors who believe in him. Pickett was a powerhouse in college with Pitt, especially in his senior year, which resulted in the Pittsburgh Steelers taking him 20th in the 2022 NFL Draft. The local hero evolved with his town.  However, his progress in the […]

Best Jalen Hurts Rookie Card Guide 2023 – Sports Card Data

Best Jalen Hurts Rookie Card

Jalen Hurts has been an absolute beast on the field following his 3 point loss in the Super Bowl last year. The 600 lbs squat machine has caused controversy this season by using his intense strength as the backbone of the new Tush Push play that no one seems to have an answer for, nor […]

Best Dak Prescott Rookie Card Guide 2023 – Sports Card Data

Best Dak Prescott Rookie Card

Dak Prescott, leader of America’s team and inventor of the Dak Dance. There’s a lot to love with Dak, but the Dallas Cowboys, as adored as they are, just haven’t been able to win the big games. This year, the team looks excellent. They parted ways Ezekiel Elliott and built an offense that has been […]

Best Lamar Jackson Rookie Card Guide 2023

Best Lamar Jackson Cards

Lamar Jackson is in an interesting spot. He entered the league with a boom, practically redefining the QB position and opening up an entire new playbook of scramble-pass option plays for the Baltimore Ravens.  The Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Louisville became the second ever unanimous MVP. He’s taken the Ravens to the […]

Best C.J. Stroud Rookie Card Guide 2023

Best C J Rookie Cards

CJ Stroud had a mighty run with Ohio State Buckeyes, earning him the number 2 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. However, once the NFL season kicked off, Stroud went under the radar a little. All the hype was on the number 1 pick, Bryce Young, and the blazing heat of Brock Purdy. 5 weeks […]

Best Shohei Ohtani Rookie Card Guide 2023

Best Shohei Ohtani Rookie Card

Baseball fan or not, you’ve probably heard the name Shohei Ohtani. People are touting him as the modern day Babe Ruth and rightfully so. He’s dominating the stat boards, took MVP in Japan’s win of the World Baseball Classic and became the world’s first two-time unanimous MVP in MLB History. He also won the AL […]

Best Joe Burrow Rookie Card Guide 2023

Best Joe Burrow Rookie Cards

Joey B is still one of the hottest… or should I say iciest, players in the league. His ability to clutch up games and pull out wins against outlandish odds has transferred seamlessly from his dominant LSU run.  While he still hasn’t shaken everyone calling him Joe Burrows, the overall 1st pick of the 2020 […]

Best Patrick Mahomes Rookie Card Guide 2023

Best Patrick Mahomes Rookie Cards

In the mind of many, including mine, Patrick Mahomes II is one of the best talents to enter the league in recent years. The way he extends plays and turns the equivalent of over date sour lemons into beautiful lemonade is a marvel. The man is literally horizontal for some of his throws. It wouldn’t […]

Best Tua Tagovailoa Rookie Card Guide 2023

Best Tua Tagovailoa Rookie Cards

I remember watching the 2019 LSU vs Alabama championship game like it was yesterday. What an absolute shootout that was, over 80 points scored from two of the NFL’s top quarterbacks. Right then, I knew both of these guys were going to be stars and Tua is getting better and better each year he’s at […]

Best Brock Purdy Rookie Card Guide 2023

Best Brock Purdy Rookie Cards

If only we knew! If only… This is the thought that simultaneously sparked in mine, and every other NFL card investors’ mind, when Mr. Irrelevant transformed into Mr. Very Damn Relevant. Trey Lance fell. Jimmy G fell. The coaching staff ominously looked at Brock Purdy and the 49ers thought the season was done. If only […]